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It’s not enough to simply study business – you need to experience it, preferably in a variety of cultures and environments. Our programs range from one day to a full six-month, taking you to major financial centers as well as emerging economies on nearly every continent. Throughout courses and conferences, BDI provides an array of opportunities to apply your skills in real business settings and gain practical experiences.

All the courses and conferences at BDI are delivered by a team of professional and skillful lecturers and trainers working meticulously and creatively to help course participants master the latest information and skills in their fields of profession and, more importantly, apply them into the actual work to boost productivity and efficiency. Our professional but warm, welcoming atmosphere contributes hugely to the success of BDI.

Quality and Career are always at the forefront of our course design to ensure that these goals are achieved.


Annual Cambridge City Run, a 5-mile race/walk at Fresh Pond Reservoir. Harvard on the Move members participated with a showing of over 200 runners. Runners sure forward at the start. Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer

Being one of the most cutting-edge researching and training institution in the fields of Finance, Banking and Hospitality in Vietnam, BDI hosts annual International Conferences, Workshops gathering an elite group of professors, specialists, economic and financial institutions, corporations from around the world to discuss the investment trends and financial situation in Vietnam and in the world. This is the opportunity to get the most updated insiders’ news and to establish valuable networks.



Currently, BDI is organizing courses with recognition by the Institute and/or BDI’s prestigious partners in Switzerland and Vietnam. BDI can offer you many different pathways to a BDI qualification. These are designed for your own demands and aspirations. A crash course with the duration of 2 weeks and below of intensive and exclusive programs and activities will best fit a group of employees who aim to develop a specific skill or master the techniques of a particular service. At BDI, it is all about optimizing efficiency in a short time.