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Dear colleagues and friends,

Over the recent years, we have witnessed Vietnam’s rapid integration into the global market, especially with the ascension into the World Trade Organization (WTO) as well as series of comprehensive cooperation and free trade agreements that are about to be signed. This requires companies to acquire new strategic and management thinking in order to boost the process of restructuring, overcome challenges and seize opportunities for sustainable development.

Established in 2007, the Business Development Institute (BDI) has developed significantly in three main pillars: policy research, strategic consultancy and high quality human resource training for companies active in the fields of Banking, Finance, Investment, Industry and Service. With international best practices and experiences in management, unique and creative approach and methods used by our renowned local and international specialists and experts, we aim to deliver unique and practical experiences in business development to best support you in this era of integration and development. No success can be achieved without seizing opportunities. Join us and together we will carve the success of your company and the success of the business community in Vietnam.


Dr. Le Xuan Nghia

Director of BDI